Thursday, January 8, 2009

Second Thursday

Time flies by down here- my three weeks are over half way finished.
Today (and yesterday) were highly unproductive. Yesterday I was too sick to move and therefore slept most of the day. Today I called Dr. Galo to apologize for not contacting him yesterday and he informed me that he would have been too busy to meet anyway, so good news there. We decided that he would call me this afternoon but his schedule was revolving around a possible surgery so there were no guarantees on his availability. We'll see what happens, there's still a few hours left.
Otherwise, I contacted a medical clinic in Ceiba, about three hours from here, to see if I could go up and take a tour of their facility. Their Honduran administrator got back to me in record time and I should be heading up there early next week. I'd like to turn it into a two day thing because we have Sunday off, so it would be nice to take someone up with me, hit the beach on Sunday, and do the tour on Monday (when the administrator is available). I don't know if that will happen or not, but it sure would be awesome.

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