Monday, December 29, 2008


Quick updates from day one with the medical team, I´m on the shared computer at the hotel so it has to be really fast.
1. A woman had a seizure in the middle of the day in the clinic. It really woke everyone up.
2. I received a drawing of an interpretive ¨arboro de Navidad¨ or a Hondurán child´s impression of my description of a Christmas tree. It was pretty amazing.
3. I helped diagnose patients, got to listen to a pretty bad wheeze and generally had a blast. By helping diagnose patients I mean that I got to do what I do best, which is constantly ask questions.

I´m a liar and didn´t get a cellphone today, theré wasn´t time to pick one up. Also, this computer keyboard is in Spanish, please forgive the strange punctuation and random accents. There was a lot more to today, but I´m going to give others access to the computer.

I almost forgot about the woman who gave her two year old coffee because he liked it. The lack of education is astounding. Not only was she wondering why he had diarrhea after drinking coffee, but also why he was grumpy and fretted a lot in the afternoons.

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