Thursday, December 25, 2008

On the Plane in Two Days!

It's Christmas and I've explained to almost the entire family what exactly I know and don't know about what I'm going to be doing over the next month.  Here's a broad overview, for those who missed it.
1. I will be flying out of Reagan National on the 27th and arriving in San Pedro Sula that night.  
2. The Ohio State team of medical students will already be on the ground.  I will be shadowing them for about a week.
3. The second week is completely up in the air.
4. The third week the William and Mary winter break team will be flying in. 
5. I return to the States in mid January.

While I am down in El Progreso I will be trying to determine if SHH should establish a permanent medical facility in the area.  The facility would expand what the OSU team is already doing and supplement the work that other NGOs  (non- governmental organizations) have already done.  Sounds boring written out like that, but wish me luck- it'll be quite the adventure navigating all the obstacles ahead.  Check for an update late on the 27th or on the 28th- I'm sure that there will be plenty of stories from the flight(s).  

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